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Let’s start here: Esqrow Lawyers are at our core, entrepreneurs – and so you can rest assure we understand you, are vested in your success and know what it takes for a business to succeed.  In short, we’ve got you.  

A business, or aspiring business, without solid legal advisors, is like a chess board without a knight – incomplete and risky.  We understand, especially at the infancy stages, the importance of establishing solid and unshakable roots and take great pride in helping our clients establish a solid foundation.  

Who should retain us?

We assist businesses from early stage start ups to larger institutions – providing strategic legal advice to help our clients advance their vision.  We get it – knowledge is power – and we make sure we possess the legal know how to get the job done and get it done right. 

But we are not just lawyers; we are Lawyers with an Edge.  As entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand the importance of the big picture: we are eager to get our hands dirty and jump in head first into your business – learning who you are from the inside out; ranging from your day to day business practices, to what irks you, what drives you, all the way to your mind set, thought process and strategic vision. 

We Provide Advice And Representation On A Wide Array Of Corporate-commercial Matters: Including:

  • Dispute Resolution 
  • Privacy and Cybersecurity
  • Risk Assessment 
  • Employment Law / HR Consulting
  • Real Estate Transactions and Commercial Leasing
  • Day to Day Business Advice
  • Corporate Law 
  • Buying and Selling Business 
  • Secured Lending / Financing 
  • Contract Drafting and Negotiations 
  • Company Name Searches
  • Intellectual Property, IT and Technology Law
  • Media and Entertainment Law
  • Startup and Entrepreneur Support
  • Idea and Business Protection
  • Business Formation and Growth
  • Internet, Social Media, Advertising and Marketing Law
  • Franchise Agreements – Drafting and Negotiation 
  • Web and App Terms and Licensing
  • Regulatory Compliance

Think of us as your personalized intellectual bodyguards: We have the luxury of providing bespoke services specifically designed with your strategic mandate in mind.  We individualize each service depending on your goals and vision.  Our lawyers are directly involved with you from the outset, providing personalized coaching at each step – and best of all, are accessible at wee-hours if need be – and without hesitancy. 

You’ve put your all into your business. We get it.  Bring us in the loop today – then kick your feet up and let us handle it. 



  • Virtual / Electronic services
  • Extremely Flexible Hours (Evenings and Weekends)
  • Quick response time
  • Reasonable, Flat and Transparent fees

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