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Our Edge

Who We Are

Esqrow Lawyers is your quintessential modern-day law firm servicing Toronto and GTA.  We specialize in everything Real Estate Law and all-things Corporate/Commercial Law, offering services to both individuals and businesses alike.

Our founding partners developed strong reputations as litigators while working at top litigation firms in downtown Toronto.  Esqrow Lawyers (previously Agnihotri Anwar LLP) was formed in November 2015 with the belief that there can be no stronger legal representation than creatively tailored and personalized representation.


"At Esqrow we represent people, not files.

Our Philosophy

We represent clients as we would represent ourselves.  Remember that Law is a profession; not a Business.  Our Clients are People; not Files.

Our Principle

We offer accessible and flexible legal structures for the convenience of our clients.  Our Clients trust us.  We want to honour that Trust.  

Key Of Success

We pride ourselves on our out-of-the-box thinking and no-backing down attitude.  We are passionate about what we do.  Our Clients feel that difference.

What we do

We assist clients with real estate transactions (purchase, sale, refinance, private mortgages, lending) as well as commercial litigation (contract disputes/breaches, liens, mortgage/loan enforcement, employment matters).  While a healthy portion of our practice is focused on commercial/residential real estate law, at our core we are litigation lawyers and are programmed to proactively minimize exposure to risk and go-to-bat for our clients.

Why Clients Choose Us?

Our clients entrust us with their most important real estate projects and their most complex litigation disputes – when the stakes are at the highest.  We take pride in what we do and always handle our client’s needs as if they were our own.  We are firm believers in the “Living Tree Doctrine” and hence are laser focused on evolution as the cornerstone of our practice – which includes the most cutting edge technology and remote legal services.

Our foundation is strongly grounded in fundamentals but our outlook is out-of-the-box and contemporary.  We take pride in utilizing modern day tools in tackling a variety of legal issues with an evolved ‘never-been-done-before’ attitude, and in offering convenience and comfort of the highest order to our clients with the advanced use of technology.

Who said the law has to be boring, or that there is a set way of getting from point A to B?  We bring an edge to every facet of our practice because we believe that the best legal minds do not simply apply the law, but possess the unique ability to understand and capitalize on its many uncertainties.

At Esqrow Lawyers, our focus is not just changing the game as it is played, but disrupting it.


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