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Safeguarding the biggest investment of your life

We say it loud and we say it often: Real Estate Law is our Hobby.  This means you will feel our energy and passion and benefit from our vast and in-depth knowledge on everything and all-things Real Estate.  Our service is completely bespoke – meaning from beginning to end it is custom designed to fit your schedule and style.  Whether you want to ride up front and take he wheel, or you are a more lay-back and enjoy the ride kind of person – we will cater to what works for you.  First time home buyer? Veteran Lender? Savvy Investor?  Hit with some tough luck and headed to the Courts?  Well, we have a package for that.  This is what we do – and we’ve got you. 

At Esqrow, we are notorious for a quick turnover, whether super urgent last minute closings, urgent status certificate reviews, real-quick legal advice, contract drafting, or simply a chat with your favourite legal beagle.  Need it done?  We’ll make it happen. We specialize in expert negotiations, handling of complex matters, reviving of dead deals, and closing of last minute matters. 

We possess the resources, manpower and netowork to ensure a seamless and stress-free process.  Our clients love us for our friendly, user-friendly and custom-made legal services, as well as our remote/mobile signing and flexible availability (any day and time of the week).  We offer fixed flat-fees, inclusive of disbursements, so that there are never any surprises. We are honoured and humbled by the trust of our clients, and do everything in our power to maintain it.  Talk To Us!

Whether you are buying, selling or refinancing, one of the most important people you will work with is your real estate lawyer.  Your lawyer’s overall responsibility is to make sure your paperwork is filed, your rights are protected and your transaction goes through successfully.

Esqrow provides experienced, professional and accessible legal services at the lowest possible price.  We understand that the complexities involved with real estate transactions and the various issues that may arise.  Often, there is a sea of paperwork involved; there are various parties and various steps involved; you will be dealing with real estate agents, bankers, insurance agents.  As such, you will be getting a lot of advice from a lot of different perspectives.  Understanding and organizing the paperwork and the advice can be a difficult task.

It is important to understand that your lawyer’s job is to protect and safeguard your interest.  Lawyers have no other vested interest.  For this reason, it is paramount to try to get a lawyer involved as soon as reasonably possible in the real estate transaction.  Speaking to a lawyer earlier on will help you cut through some of the issues around buying/selling real estate.  Having the right real estate lawyer, who understands how to address any pre-closing concerns, and can do so simply and cost effectively, is crucial.

At Esqrow, real estate law is one of our core specialties.  We take great pride in our detailed and personalized approach, and in ensuring our clients are kept in the loop from beginning to end.  We routinely go the extra mile to ensure your real estate transaction closes to your satisfaction.  We offer mobile signing in all of the G.T.A., including after hours and on weekends.

A successful closing is just as important to us as it is to our clients; and we take great pride in knowing our clients feel that difference.

What Should You Look For in a Real Estate Lawyer?

1. A Passion for and Expertise in the Area

2. Accessibility and Availability

3. Expert Negotiation and Dispute Resolution Skills

4. Competitive fees

At Esqrow Lawyers, we specialize in real estate law, and as such, our clients can be rest assured we provide top quality services in the area.  We understand that each individual’s circumstances are different, and each real estate transaction is different.  For this reason we provide you with a free quote on what you can expect closing costs to be in your particular situation, so that you know exactly what you are dealing with before you make any commitments.  

With respect to our fee structure, we do not require an upfront retainer.  Our fees are paid once your transaction has been completed.  In some circumstances, we offer a flat rate, which includes all consultations, legal fees and legal disbursements.  Lastly, we offer flexible hours and are happy to book appointments at your convenience; evening and weekend appointments included.

We Provide A Wide Array Of Real Estate Law Services, Including:

Drafting and/or reviewing the Purchase and Sale Agreement

Reviewing Condominium Status Certificate Documentation

Arranging Title Insurance

Title Transfers

Builder and Resale Purchase Transactions

Sale transactions

Refinancing your mortgage and/or line of credit

Getting a line of credit

Single, multi-unit dwellings, cottages, condominiums

Title and off-title searches

Mortgage documentation

Mortgage refinancing (debt consolidation



  • Virtual / Electronic services
  • Extremely Flexible Hours (Evenings and Weekends)
  • Quick response time
  • Reasonable, Flat and Transparent fees

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